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Welcome everybody. First thing first, please read the rules in community info.

My objective is to teach everybody who is interesting in beading to be able to bead. I know I may not be an expert but I love to share what I can do.

This is not selling community. This is not advertising community. There are other places for that.

I'm an easy person and I don't bite. Everything here is flexible. Feel free to ask questions if you're not sure about anything here.

Finally, I hope this community will be lively someday.

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PS. About the thread, most of my tutorials with crossweaving technique used fishing nylon thread, something similar to Beadalon Supplemax (0.25mm/8lb). You can hand weave it without needle. But if you are not familiar with it, just use fireline or your favorite thread with two needles on both ends. Or you can use Right Angle Weave if you don't like to crossweave. Just exit your needle at the bead where the threads cross and keep good tension.


This is the tutorial index. I will update as frequently as possible.

Latest update : May 2015

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Netting Fun, Colors Ideas

More of the colors ideas for Netting Fun bracelet. The pattern can be found in Bead & Button, Feb 2019.

Checkout my previous post for the color list I used in the magazine.

I love this design. It's a good netting stitch practice for beginners. You don't need any fancy new shape beads. Just some basic beads you should already have them in your beads boxes. You can even use some leftover beads and mix your own rainbow colors.

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Your mod here!

I think I have problem with scrapbooks. Look like most of my old photos won't load or gone missing. It will affect most of my early tutorials since 2012 and earlier, you won't see photos. It will take a while for me to upload new photos to other hosts. I'll try to fix it asap.

Merry Christmas and Happy beading! :D

EDIT : Fix now. Thanks LJ.