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[Tutorial] Crystal Bracelet #8

This bracelet is quite easy and suitable for beginner who want to try something a little harder.

Tutorial : Crystal Bracelet #8
Level : Beginner

No, this is not my design. I saw it at Bead2U, my supplies store. Very lovely and quite easy too.

Equipment :
- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 4 mm. (I use Lt. Peach and Padparadscha)
- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 3 mm. (I use Lt. Rose)
- Swarovski Pearl 6 mm. (Rosaline or Cream?)
- Seed Bead
- Nylon Thread
- O-ring
- Clasp
- Crimp bead
- Bead tip
- Plier


We start with the crimp bead + bead tip, same old style with my previous bracelets. Add three seed beads to each thread and cross the threads at Padparadscha crystal (red arrow).


Add one crystal to each thread and cross them at a crystal (red arrow). Add 3 mm. crystal to each thread and cross them at a seed bead (blue arrow).


Add 3 mm. crystal to each thread (red arrows). Put the threads into the first 4 mm. crystal (blue arrow).


Return the threads to the last 4 mm. crystal (red arrow) by putting them into the 4 mm. crystals at both sides.


Add three Lt. Peach crystals to one thread. One pearl to other thread. Join them at a crystal (red arrow).

Repeat step 2 - 5 to your desired length. When you do step 5, just switch crystals and pearl from the previous block.


Don't forget to add three seed beads when you end the bracelet.

See, this one is easy!

Happy Beading!
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