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[Tutorial] Snowflake Charm

Again, I'm sorry for late update. Life is hard sometime.

Tutorial : Snowflake Charm
Level : Beginner
Technique : Crossweaving

This snowflake is very easy to make. It uses only six crystals and few seed bead.

Pictures are under cut.

The design and pattern are from this Japanese Book.

Equipment :
- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 4 mm.
- Seed Bead
- Fishing Nylon Thread.

This design needs a lot of beading into the same seed beads. I recommend the small size nylon thread. And you can also use Czech bead, pearl or other stones instead of crystal. This pattern requires only 6 crystals.


Cut the thread aroun 90 - 100 cm. Make a circle of six seed beads.


Pick up the lower thread. Add one crystal and five seed beads. Cross both threads at the crystal (red arrow).


Put the inner thread into the next circle seed bead we made in step 1 (red arrow). Pick up the outside thread to add five seed beads. Cross both threads at a crystal (green arrow).


Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 around the circle. After you add the last crystal, pick up the inner thread, put it in the seed bead (red arrow) and to the first crystal (green arrow).


Add two seed beads to each thread and join them at a seed bead (red arrow).


Add one seed bead to each thread and join them at a seed bead. Do this another two more.


Put the threads back into the seed beads. Join them at the previous joint seed bead (red arrow).


Put each thread into the next seed bead at each side (red and green arrow). Add three seed beads to each thread. Put each thread into the same seed bead we start this step (red arrow and green arrow).


Now return the threads to the joint seed bead (red arrow) and down to the base joint seed bead (green arrow). Pull the thread tight and arrange all the seed beads in place. We finish one leg of the flake.


Now we will move to other leg. Pick up the right thread and put it in the seed beads. Follow the way I highlight in the photo. The thread will be in the middle seed beads of the left leg.


Pick up the other thread, again, follow the highlight I made in the photo. Your threads will cross each other at the middle seed bead (red arrow).

Repeat Step 6 to 11.

Like I said, this charm is very easy and use few bead. You can make a cell phone charm like I did. Or to be more creative, just add ear wires or make a snowflake necklece. It will be very lovely.

Happy Beading.
Tags: charm, crystal, motif, seed bead, swarovski
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