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Mar. 4th, 2008 @ 09:50 pm [Tutorial] Crystal Watchband #1
Tutorial : Crystal Watchband #1
Level : Intermediate

Warning : Heavy pictures under cut

This is my design. I worked with it many times to make it fit my wrist. Stupid me, I failed at measurement. The idea is that you work at the base, then, level 1 and level 2.

- 4 mm. Bicones Swarovski Crystal : Jet (Black)
- 4 mm. Bicones Swarovski Cyrstal : Black Diamond
- 4 mm Pearl : White
- Seed beads : Metallic Black (How do we call this color? It's black and it's shining.)
- Seed beads : Silver
- Watch & Watch clasp (I don't quite sure how to call it.)
- Nylon coated thread no. 20 (or use any kind of thread you want but must be small one.)

I bought many watches from the wholesale market in my country. They were very cheap, each only cost $2 - $3 but I had to buy them in dozen. The seller was kind and allowed me to buy six of them in wholesale price. Go me!

I just want only the watches so I keep the stones and beads that came with them for future use.


Cut the nylon thread around 90 cm. to 100 cm. String the thread into the watch, add two seed beads each side and join the lines with one seed bead (red arrow).


Add pearl to each line (red arrow) and join them with one seed bead (green arrow).


Add seed bead to each line (red arrow) and join the lines with one seed bead (green arrow).


Now, add three jet cyrstal to each line. Join both lines by a seed bead.


Add seed beads to each line (red arrow) and join them with one seed bead (green arrow).


Now, we add three crystal to each line and join both lines by one seed bead.


Add seed bead to each line (red arrow) and join them with one seed bead (green arrow).


Add pearl to each line (red arrow) and join both lines by one seed bead (green arrow).


Add two seed beads to each line and string the lines with the clasp (red arrow).

Now we finish the base.

Do you notice the blue arrows pointing to the four pearls? Don't worry about it. I adjust the length of the watch to fit my wrist. I'm quite a big girl. LOL

However, if you follow exactly with this tutorial, you will end up getting almost 6 inches as in the picture (in case you use the same watch clasp as me!).

As I said since the beginning, I failed at measurement. I don't know how to suggest you to measure the length correctly. You have to trial and error. So let's say here :
- If your wrist is around 6 inches, great! Just follow this tutorial, you will get it as in the picture.
- If your wrist is smaller, reduce the pearl or seed bead before you string the lines with clasp.
- If your wrist is bigger, add pearls (blue arrow in previous picture).

Please keep in mind that this is NOT the final length. When you finish beading, the length will get smaller because it will be bent. If you measure the length now, please minus around 5 mm.

Still not sure, just continue. When it's done, you will know what to do, either add to reduce (and re-do). :P


Now, we continue. You have to string the lines back into the seed beads and pearls. That's why I use small nylon thread! You string back until you reach the first crystal. Add silver bead to each line (red arrow) and join both lines by jet crystal (green arrow).

I hope you notice it. For those of you who add more pearls, you can join the lines above the pearls with crystal (as in the picture).


Add silver bead to each line (red arrow). Put the lines into the third crystal (blue arrow) and join the lines at the base seed bead (green arrow). Now, try to pull the threads gently to make it tight.


Now, string the line back to the base seed bead (small red arrow). Add three diamond crystal.


String back into the same seed bead (red arrow). Do it both lines. Three crystal will get on each other. Don't worry. Just pull it tight.


Now, insert the lines back into the seed bead (red arrow). String back into the first crystal of the second ring (blue arrow).


Repeat step 10 and 11. You will get the red arrow.

From here, you can string back to the watch to make sure your work is tight. I love to string back and forth.


Now we string back. Insert the line to the second crystal (red arrow), add one black diamond crystal (blue arrow) and insert the line into the crystal (green arrow).


Add diamond crystal (red arrow) and put the line back into the second crystal of the next ring. Do the same with the other side .


Try to pull the thread tightly. You will get three diamond crystal line up close to each other and it will bent a little bit. String back into your beads and tie the lines tightly.


What I love about this design is that the crystal plate will envelop your wrist beautifully.
What I dislike is that it's kind of delicate and fragile especially the joint points that I used seed bead.

Sorry, no pattern this time. This is my design and I don't know how to draw a pattern. LOL!

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