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[Tutorial] Flower Spiral #1

This is one of the most requested tutorial I received apart from Donut Thai style. lol

Tutorial : Flower Spiral #1
Level : Intermediate to Advance
Technique : Cross-weaving

- Crystal Bicone 4mm. 4 colors (Color
- Seed bead 11/o
- Nylon thread no. 30
- Clasp.
- Jumprings (optional if you connect clasp directly to bead tips.)
- Bead tips and crimp beads
- Pliers

This project is not difficult but you have to work with four threads at the same time. It will be a little confusing for the beginner. If you want to try weaving this bracelet but still confusing, try using only 1 color until you understand how it weaves.

I use 4 colors for crystals. They are Montana (A), Aquamarine (B), Jet (C) and Peridot (D), all are AB2X. 3 colors will be used for flowers. One main color is Montana AB2X. Two accent colors are Aquamarine AB2X and Jet AB2X. The other last color Peridot AB2X will be something like the separators or connectors of the flowers.

I use magnetic ball clasp which is now my favorite clasp.


Cut two nylon threads around 1.25 - 1.75 m. String them to the crimp bead and bead tip. Crush the crimp bead with pliers and then bead tip. You will get four threads to work with. Pair them and add each pair with a seed bead.


Pick up one thread from one pair. Add one crystal D and one crystal A. The other thread of the same pair add one crystal A. Cross both threads at a seed bead (red arrow).

Do the same for the other pair but change crystal A to crystal B.


Please take note from the previous step. You will see two threads from the different pair that point to the same direction. Pick the thread that the previous step used two crystals color D and A, and please add new crystal A and D. (In my photo, it's the upper thread.)

For the other thread you should notice that the previous step it used only one crystal B, we add one new crystal B to this thread.

Cross both threads at the seed bead (red arrow).


Now move on the other side. Please notice from step 2. Pick up the thread that in the step 2 used only one crystal A, add one new crystal A to that thread. (In my photo, it's the upper thread.)

For the other thread, you should notice that from step 2 this thread used two crystals, that are D and B. So now, we add new Crystal B and D to this thread.

Cross both threads at the seed bead (red arrow). Pull the threads tight.

Now, you got two flowers now. One with crystal A and the other with crystal B.


The rest of the bracelet is just the same pattern from step 2 - 4. The tip of this bracelet is to notice the previous crystals in that thread. If that thread used two crystals, that thread will use two crystals for the rest of the bracelet. The same is for one crystal. What matter is colors.

Since color A is my main colors. I will repeat using color A here. Now, we add two crystals to the threads (color D and A). Add crystal A to the other thread. Cross them at a seed bead (red arrow).


Move to the other side. This flower will be the second accent color. Add one crystal C to one thread. Add one crystal D and one crystal C to the other thread. Cross both threads at a seed bead (red arrow).


This is similar to step 3. Look at the previous step. The thread with two crystals will be added with two crystals. So add them with crystal C and D.

The other thread will be only one crystal. Add Crystal A to that thread.

Cross them at the seed beads (red arrow).


I'm sorry I forgot to take the photo of this step but it is similar to step 4. But you need to change colors accordingly.

End the bracelet the same way we start. Add your favorite clasp.

I know it looks very confusing. It's hard to make a tutorial for something spiral.

And don't be upset if you can't make it on your first try. It took me many attempts to get it right too!

And also, some of you who have bought the book from me with this bracelet pattern, I think I forget to tell you that the pattern is not correct. There are few beads missing and I don't think the publisher is bother to correct it. The book is out of print and I can't find it anywhere now. Anyway, please stick with my updated pattern here.

Enjoy beading!

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