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Jan. 19th, 2014 @ 01:02 pm [Tutorial] Twin Ixora
Tutorial : Twin Ixora
Level : Intermediate


- 176-192 pcs. Bicone Crystal 4mm (depend on length)
- Approx 5g. 11/0 Round Seed Beads
- 2 pcs. 8/0 Round Seed Beads (optional)
- 22 - 26 pcs. Round Beads 6mm (depend on length)
- Jumpring
- Two strands box clasp or magnetic clasp or any clasp you like.

- Monofilament Beading Thread (0.25mm - 0.3mm).


Well, actually this is the thread I always used when I said I used fishing nylon thread for crossweaving (mostly in my early tutorials). You can get it easy and cheap from ebay since I believe they're from China. But if you prefer something with brand, please look for Beadalon Supplemax. The thread is strong and thick. Not elastic thread. Good for crossweaving or RAW but not peyote or other stitches. You don't need needle, just hand weave it. No wax is needed too. I think it can hold crystals quite well. With most crystal bracelets I made and wore them in real life (donut thai style or Andreth), it's quite long lasting.


The colors for my tourmaline are Jet, Morion, Olivine, Light Olivine, Light Topaz, Rose and Ruby. Please note that swarovski discontinued morion from their production line now so you may have a hard time finding them. Or just use Silver Night or Black Diamond.

The pearl is white.


The colors are Purple Velvet 2X, Sapphire 2X, Peridot 2X and Crystal 2X.

Two kinds of 6mm round beads are white pearl and crystal round (#5000, Purple Velvet, Peridot AB and Light Sapphire AB).

This tutorial is similar to Crystal Bracelet #17. In short, you just make two crystal bracelets #17 from step 1 - 13, and then, just connect them with pearl 6mm.



8/0 here is optional. You can just use 11/0.

Cut the thread around 100 cm. Pick up four 11/0s, 8/0 and three 11/0s. Cross the threads at the first 11/0 (red arrow).



Cut another thread around 100 cm. Pass through 8/0. Pick up three 11/0s for each side and cross the threads at 11/0 (red arrow).



Now you will have four threads to play with. Enjoy!



On the right threads, pick up one crystal to each thread. Cross them at 11/0 (red arrow).



On the left threads, pick up two 11/0s and cross them at 11/0 (red arrow).



Pull your thread snugly. Now you see the four threads are pointing up and down.



Now we will work with two threads pointing up. Pick up one crystal to the right thread. Pick up two 11/0s to the left thread. Cross them at 11/0 (red arrow).



Now to the two threads pointing down. Pick up one crystal to the right thread. Pick up two 11/0s to the left thread. Cross them at the 11/0 (red arrow).

Pull your threads. Those four threads are pointing to left and right as we start in step 3.

Repeat crossweaving from step 4 to 8. I know the photos are difficult to understand. And don't worry about picking up the wrong threads. When you weave it, it's hard to miss since the base will be all seed beads and crystals will be on top.



When you get the desired length, pick up three 11/0s to each thread. Cross them at 8/0 (red arrow).



This is how I finish off the thread. Pass one thread through three 11/0s, and pass another thread to four 11/0s. Tie the double knots here (red arrow). And pass your thread to the crystal or 11/0s to hide the knot inside your beads before cutting the remaining thread. Do the same for the other threads.



Make two bracelets.



Cut new thread (I can't remember how long, one arm and a little more maybe?). Pick up 6mm round. Pass your thread to the crystals at the corner on both bracelets (red arrows). And pass through the next crystals (blue arrows).



Cross both threads at 6mm round (red arrow).



Pass through two crystals. Do the same for both sides (red arrows). Cross both threads at 6mm round (blue arrow). Repeat this step for the entire length.

Weave the remaining thread to your beads and tie double knot. Pass your threads into your beads to hide the knot before cutting off your threads.


Use jumpring to add your clasp. Finished!

Play with colors and have fun! Happy Beading!

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Seph Sackboy
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Date:January 19th, 2014 10:11 am (UTC)
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Спасибо ))
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Date:January 20th, 2014 11:51 pm (UTC)
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Looks lovely! Now I wish I had enough crystals in these awesome colors to make it! Do still sell crystals on etsy?