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[Tutorial] Crystal Wreath#1

Tutorial : Crystal Wreath #1
Level : Beginner

Warning : Some pictures under cut.

I took the design and pattern from Japanese book, "My Bead Style #2". The pattern can be found in this entry.

Equipment :
- Swarovski #5305 Spacer 5 mm. (Sapphire, Peridot)
- Swarovski #5305 Spacer 6 mm. (Crystal)
- Swarovski Bicone 3 mm.
- O-ring
- Chain
- Nylon Thread

Well, actually, you don't need spacer beads with different sizes. You can just stick with only 5 mm. or only 6 mm.


Cut the nylon thread around 80 cm. Make a ring of five sapphire spacer beads 5 mm.


The outbound line adds two spacer beads. In my example, I use peridot 5 mm. and crystal clear 6 mm. The line below adds one spacer bead 6 mm. Join both lines with a sapphire spacer 5 mm. (red arrow).


The outbound line adds two sapphire spacer beads. The other line adds one sapphire spacer bead. Join both lines by a sapphire spacer bead (red arrow).


Now, you repeat step 2 and step 3 until you form a circle of five sapphire stars.


String six bicone crystals to any two of the outbound spacer beads. String the threads back and forth three or more times to tighten your work, tie them together and kept the threads back inside the motif. Add O-ring to the top we just made.


Now put the pendent into the chain. Done.

This piece is very easy and simply beautiful. But spacer bead is somewhat expensive than normal crystal and you need quite a number of spacer bead. So to save your budget, select only your favorite colors and make sure they match each other well.

Tags: chain, crystals, necklace, spacer, swarovski beads

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