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[Tutorial] Crystal Cameo #1

This is my first time doing crystal with cameo. Took me two tries to make it right. LOL!

Tutorial : Crystal Cameo #1
Level : Beginner to Intermediate

This is not new style in my country. People do crystal wrapping around Buddha or holy artifact. I just never did it before.

I bought cameo from a lovely shop, Cathysjewels. Very fast shipping from USA to Thailand, it took only 7 days. Well, It seems that I can't find a cameo shop in my country. That's sad. Anyway, here the tutorial.

Equipment :
- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 4 mm. five colors of your choice.
- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 3 mm. one color of your choice.
- Cameo
- Seed bead
- Nylon Thread

For 4 mm. I use Pacific Opal, Palace Green Opal, Dark Sapphire (or Montana? I can't remember.), Alexandrite, and Lavender. For 3 mm. I use Light Emerald.

The design and pattern are from Bead de Bead #6. Actually, it was earring. But the cameo I used is 40x30 mm. It was too big for the earring. Haha. There are some differences from the pattern and the one in this tutorial here. Cameo and beads are different colors and sizes. The pattern used 3 mm. I used 4 mm. I also add more seed beads to the design.

The pattern can be found in this entry.


Cut the nylon thread around 170 to 180 cm. Remember I use big cameo 40x30 mm. If you use smaller cameo, you don't need this much length. String the three crystals and join both threads at a crystal (red arrow). The colors are dark blue, Alexandrite and green opal.


For the above thread, just adds one crystal. The other thread adds one seed bead, 3 mm. crystal and one seed bead. Then join both lines at a crystal (red arrow).


Now, we just repeat it. Add one crystal to both lines and join them at a crystal (red arrow).

Repeat step 2 and 3 until you can wrap around your cameo.


For cameo 40x30 mm. you can count the green and pacific opal altogether 22 crystals. It will wrap just right around cameo. Join your lines at a first crystal (red arrow).


Make your threads to the top green or pacific opal crystal. String the lower thread passes through Alexandrite crystal and dark blue (red arrows). Then join both threads at a top crystal (blue arrow).


Now, we join the top crystals together. I just feel that there is a gap between two crystals so I add seed beads to all the gaps (red arrows) to connect all crystals together. In the pattern (in the next entry), you will find no seed bead, just connect the crystals.


You join both lines at a pacific opal crystal (red arrow). Try to pull the threads tight. Then, string them down to the bottom 3 mm. crystal. Pass the strings through dark blue crystal (blue arrows). Both lines will join at two seed beads and Light Emerald crystal (green arrow).


Alright, turn your work upward. Add two crystals (dark blue and Lavender) to one line and join both lines at a dark blue crystal (red arrow).


Pick up the inner thread and put it in Alexandrite crystal (red arrow). The other thread adds Lavender crystal. Join both lines at a dark blue crystal (blue arrow).


Pick up the inner thread and put it through seed bead, crystal and seed bead (red arrow). The other thread adds Lavender crystal. Join both lines at dark blue crystal (blue arrow).


Repeat step 9 and 10 around the circle. Join the threads with a Lavender crystal (red arrow).


Put cameo inside. The side with Lavender crystals is a back of cameo. Then, string the threads to all Lavender crystals and pull the threads. If you have some threads left, string back and forth to make your work more tight.

Actually, I need to add crystal loop for adding O-ring. I just forgot. LOL!

This project is not difficult. The cameo is beautiful. My crystal just made it look more complete. Haha.

Happy Beading!
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