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Bead Tutorial

For bead lover

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Bead Tutorial
Hello and Welcome!

This is the tutorial index. You can find all the tutorials posing in this community in this link. I will update new tutorials and links frequently.

In this community, you can

1. Post the tutorial.
- This is the main point I create this community. I want this community to be helpful to other people. My skill is still limited to simple beading. So if you can, please teach other people by posting tutorial. It can be anything about beading.

2. Ask questions.
- Of course, you can ask questions if you have problem with your work. You can also ask where to buy the material, etc.
- If you have questions following any tutorial posting here, please also check the date of the post. If the entry is long past, I and the posters may not see your question. In this case, you can post new entry and ask question refer to a particular tutorial.
- Or simply send me a message. ♥

3. Post your works.
- I encourage you to share your works to other people. If it is your design, please say so and don't be shy. If it is not your design, please credit the original creator or the name of the book you use the pattern.

And this community is NOT

- A selling or advertising of your shop.
- I believe there are other places for that. However, I will see your intention before deleting the entry. It is okay if you post the link to any shop by means of helping or suggesting someone who are looking for some materials.

Additional rules you should know in order to make this community a happy place for everybody.

- Be nice and respect other people. I believe everybody know how to be nice. I don't have to explain that.
- Don't steal other people's work and claim it as yours.
- LJ-cut if you are going to post a very long entry.
- Every picture outside LJ-cut should be thumbnail or small picture. Not every people has high speed internet.
- Newbie introduction is nice.
- A little warning if you're going to post an entry with heavy pictures will be lovely.

About my tutorial
- Most of the tutorials here used crossweave technique. This is popular in Thailand. We use nylon thread (actually it's similar to a clear fishing nylon thread) which is quite strong and don't require needle.
- If you are not familiar with my nylon thread crossweaving, just use fireline or any thread you love and use two needles. It's the same.

- You can follow any of my tutorials and sell the finished products. I will be very happy if my tutorials can help you earn an income.
- You can share my tutorials to your blog or social network. But please link back to the original post or credit me or this community.
- You can translate my tutorials to your language. But please link back to the original post or credit me or this community.


- I don't allow anyone to sell my tutorials in print, digital, word document, pdf or whatever forms. I post my tutorials here for everyone and they're free. You should not make profit out of them.
- If you want to share any photo or my tutorials, don't remove my watermark. If my watermarks are removed, I consider you steal my works.
- I don't allow anyone to submit my tutorials or my photos to any website.

- I'm sure everyone knows about copyrights, please respect me and don't break copyrights. If you're not sure about sharing my tutorial, please ask me.

This community is not limited to my post only. Everybody can post and it opens to all people.

About me, my name is Piratchada Thongra-ar. I'm known in beading world as beejang. An ordinary woman who beads and sells beads for living is your moderator. I'm Thai, living in Bangkok and English is not my main language so you probably find some strange and funny grammar here. I will try my best to be your lovely mod.


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